Internal Loudspeaker for iPad 2 (Premium)
Internal Loudspeaker for iPad 2 (Premium)
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Internal Loudspeaker for iPad 2 (Premium)

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Internal Loudspeaker for iPad 2

If you have got an iPad two, you already know how convenient this tablet is, however if something isn’t operating properly, it will create issues and irritations. If any part goes out, however, there's no need to get a replacement iPad two at an upscale value when you can easily get the replacement half. If the interior speaker on your iPad two has stopped operating, you'll be able to simply fix this problem by buying and putting in this new Internal Loudspeaker for iPad 2. Low volume, distortion, and noise are key signs your speaker is faulty. This is an inexpensive half to get your loudspeaker sounding like new once more.

Compatible with: Apple iPad 2nd Gen. 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB

Model # Compatible with: A1395, A1396, A1397



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